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We create a joyful environment for our members. We spread happiness and positivity. We are high energy. We treat and value our members as family. We have respect for our members. We work to empower and give courage to our members. All things change via evolution or revolution.  Evolution is a slow process, while revolutions are fast and represent radical change.  The evolution of the fitness industry has been slow and cumbersome.  Our mission is give the world the best in fitness and wellness with lots of fun ! We are unique. We believe “the sky is no longer the limit!”



You can’t expect to reach your potential with 3 sessions a week if the other 165 hours are wasted on unhealthy practices.  Our systems allow us to interact with our clients on a daily basis, keeping them focused and motivated. We have created systems that get results. With 99% of trainers, the clients that are successful were going to be successful no matter who they saw. Over the years, we saw this with our clients.  The difference is that instead of just blaming the failure on the client by saying he was lazy and so forth, we researched what was different about those who did succeed and we discovered that there is a pattern.  We’ve used this to create systems that help our clients get into the right mindset to succeed and we back it up with the best exercise programming possible.  Now with our systems, instead of a few people succeeding, everyone can succeed. Our goal is to bring a unique approach to fitness that incorporates all forms of training as well as proven nutritional and coaching strategies


Fitness is ever evolving.  It’s not enough to just be good, you must be unique.  Greatness Fitness capitalizes on the experience and knowledge of its owner and staff to create an exercise and nutrition system that is based on sound practices as well as new findings.  The current norm in fitness is to provide a “killer workout” with little or no consideration for the goals, orthopedic, medical, stress, and or general health needs of the client.  The lack of structure results in some clients not working to their potential while others over train so much that they suffer acute injury and or illnesses like adrenal fatigue. Weight loss has and continues to be the dominant need but the oversimplified approach most people use of “eat less and exercise more” has evolved very little despite overwhelming research demonstrating the need for behavioral coaching.  With our systems, we will transform the model for success.  Our vision is to create a family ambiance in an amazing fitness world with great results, amazing people and lots of fun!